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Concept & Consultancy

  • Technical consulting is a service that involves the use of experts in a particular field to provide advice and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s operations. Companies these daysare constantly adapting to the changes brought about by the rapid emergence and evolution of new technologies.
  • Developing project management strategies for the timely completion of the design and implementation works, serve as a bridge between the client, the designer and the construction companies or third parties during the tender phase and the implementation stage, in accordance with the needs and technical requirements.
  • To plan the all related implementation materials according to the needs and expectations of the client and to ensure that the goods are prepared on time and in accordance with the project in accordance with this planning. Accordingly, it covers the activities of auditing the suitability of the productions by organizing the necessary team in the field and conducting continuous inspections within the framework of certain procedures.
  • We can help you stay ahead of the curve and develop a strategy that will allow you to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the rapid emergence and evolution of new technologies. Our comprehensive practice combines a broad range of expertise and a passion for customer-centricity to deliver the most effective solutions.
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INNOVA INTEGRATION SRL treated this contract with maximum seriousness and here it is that it managed to deliver on time. I worked with an architect with a large portfolio of similar projects in the country and abroad. We recommend INNOVA to all hospitals in Romania!

— Petre Enciu – Vice-president of the Constanta County Council – Romania

Setup & Design

  • Hospital program – The design criteria for projecting and architectural requirements demonstrating sizes, numbers and relations of sites with other ones are established.

  • Master schedule – The master schedule specially designed for investors and indicates the duration and sequence as well as main activities of projects.

  • Investment budget – The pre-budget for the project is determined in accordance with the design criteria and architectural program.

  • Innova Integration team creates innovative designs with the latest technologies to meet the architectural and medical needs, and to provide patient-oriented, efficiency with its evidence-based design experiences gained healthcare projects .

  • With its experienced team, it provides design services that are ready for the future, sustainable, in accordance with local and international norms.

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Pre-feasibility / Feasibility

Preparing a feasibility study for a hospital project can be a significant undertaking.

Feasibility studies are in-depth reports on many of the same topics as prefeasibility studies. They are meant to be much more accurate and require more resources to conduct. Feasibility studies should offer estimates that are within 10 to 20 percent accuracy, whereas prefeasibility studies are allowed to run between 20 and 30 percent.

Such a study is essential when you’re considering any large-scale acute care hospital project or a “micro-hospital” or a convalescent specialty hospital.

Economic, technical and financial studies are conducted to make final investment decision. It is aimed to provide investors with the data to make decision by performing systematic and creative analyses on the project and operating functions in order to ensure the desired function, performance and reliability of projects at the lowest “life time” cost.


Technological & Medical Solutions

Medical Equipment Site Preparation

– Site planning and physical preparation of the site before installation of large-scale or new generation medical devices of medical spaces such as Imaging / Radiology, Radiotherapy and Operating Room.

Healthcare Buildings with Prefabricated - Mobile Solutions

– Providing the opportunity for external structuring or expansion in healthcare facilities with prefabricated and mobile structures.

RFID Aided Hospital Management Systems

– Establishing and implementing the management of personnel, patients, medical devices and consumables with RFID-supported systems, which are critical to follow-up for the planning of hospital management .

High Security Laboratory Installations

– Planning and implementation of high security areas such as BSL-3, BSL-4, PCR laboratories.

Drug Management Systems

– Creating a drug management scenario that can be specific for each hospital in order to ensure patient and drug safety with periodic drug stock planning and follow-up of the hospital.

Renewable and Waste Energy Sources

– Design and installation of system scenarios of renewable and waste energy sources such as wind, solar, cogeneration and trigeneration for healthcare buildings.

Operating Room Management Systems

– Ensuring the requirements that may occur during the operation are managed from a single control point and monitoring of the operation status.

Robot Aided Logistics Systems

– Planning and implementation of daily operations such as transportation of waste, laundry, medicine, food and consumables with robotic systems.

Hospital Automation Systems

– Preperation and planning automation scenarios that will ensure efficient and effective operation of mechanical, electrical and medical systems specific to healthcare facilities.

Smart Laundry Solutions

– Management of dirty, clean and infected laundry with smart laundry systems planning specific to healthcare facilities

Waste Management Solutions

– Efficient planning of medical, household, hazardous, chemical and nuclear wastes in accordance with the specifications.

Technical execution

The project execution phase is the time when the plans designed in the previous phases are put into action. It is the most critical step in the project management lifecycle and involves the use of all available resources.


During project execution the execution team utilizes the schedule, procedures and templates that were prepared and anticipated during prior Initiation and Planning phases. Unanticipated events and situations will inevitably be encountered, and the Project Manager and Project Team will have to deal with them as they come up.


From start to finish of the project, under the consistent philosophy of “Any medical facility exists for realizing the medical care that clients aim for,” Innova Integration implements comprehensive project management. Under the initiative of the project manager who supervises the project overall, each component of quality, cost and schedule is precisely controlled, leading to the success of the hospital construction project.


Engineers specialized in such areas as architectural, civil, mechanical, medical, electrical, and system engineering, who also have extensive experience in hospital design and expertise in hospital operations, participate in the projects from the project’s early stage, and engage in design under a consistent philosophy from the basic plan stage through the detailed designing and design supervision.


Innova Integration objectively conducts comparative evaluation of procurement, independently from a specific manufacturer, and procures optimum medical equipment, furniture, fixtures, and various system/software. Also, in cooperation with the designers and construction companies, Innova Integration coordinates connection with various equipment, and makes adjustment of their loading and installation plan.

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Specific tasks:

  • Site supervision according to the legal provisions in force;
  • Participation in the acceptance of the works.

Site tracking

The presence of the architect and the specialized designers on the construction site is an essential component of ensuring the quality of the execution of the construction works and which from the point of view of the legislation in force has two distinct levels of exercise, namely: site supervision and technical assistance.

In addition to these activities, in the final phase of the works, the architect (designer) participates in the preparation by the beneficiary of the technical book of the construction and the reception of the works.

Additional tasks:

  • Providing advice or drawing up the request for tender for the selection of the contractor, if necessary, organising the tender for the award of the works;
  • Technical assistance of the execution works, according to the contractual conditions established with the beneficiary;
  • Preparation of the technical construction charter.

Site supervision is an obligation of the architect (designer), established and regulated by the legislation in force and is included in the basic fee and consists of the following:

  1. Verification of the execution of the works in order to comply with the provisions of the building permit.
  1. Participation in the verification and certification of the decisive phases established by the program of monitoring by the designer of the quality of the execution of the works, which is foreseen in the technical project.
  1. Establishing, by means of a site order, the solutions for remedying the defects that occurred during the execution, due to the designer’s fault, and monitoring the application of the adopted solutions on site, after their acceptance by certified project inspectors.